At the Mulberry Tree, we’re committed to using fresh produce from reputable local suppliers. In fact, whether you join us for lunch, dinner or dessert, many of the tasty foods that we serve in our Malvern restaurant come from businesses in Malvern and the surrounding areas.  

In this article, we’ll be talking you through some of our favourite local suppliers and talking about why we continue to buy locally sourced products and why you should too!


Why Should We Eat Food That is Locally Sourced?

Eating locally sourced food has a number of key benefits… 


1. Using Local Produce Is Better For The Environment

By using local produce, we can do our bit to help the planet!

Transporting food over long distances not only contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases but it also leads to greater levels of food waste because there is a higher likelihood of spoilage and damage during transportation. 

By opting to use locally sourced food, the distance travelled is minimised, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and less product waste.


2. Supporting Local Produce Suppliers

When we buy our produce from local food suppliers, a larger proportion of the money we pay stays within the local economy. This circulation of money helps to sustain our local businesses, which, in turn, can be invested back into the community and further stimulate economic growth.

If we rely too heavily on products from distant countries, money flows out of the local economy to support businesses and economies elsewhere. This can lead to a decline in the financial health of our community which hinders local development and leads to unemployment. 

By continuing to trade with the people and businesses that live and work in and around Malvern, we can support our local economy while maintaining our area’s heritage and culture. 


3. Fresh, Local Produce is Better For Our Health

When we buy locally, we benefit from having fresher and more nutritious produce, as it doesn’t have to travel long distances so its vital nutrients are preserved.

What’s more, locally sourced food coming from nearby farms is often produced using sustainable agricultural methods. This typically involves reduced use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, and water resources. As a result, not only is the food better for us but the process also helps to preserve local ecosystems, wildlife habitats, and water quality.


4. Local Food = Better Flavour

Another key benefit of eating foods that are more nutritious and free of pesticides is taste!

Pesticide-free crops are allowed to grow without the use of synthetic chemicals, which means they can fully develop their natural flavours. When we use local, seasonal ingredients, it enhances both the flavour and texture of our dishes, providing an enhanced culinary experience! 


Supporting Our Local Bakeries 

local bakery

At our Mulberry Tree restaurant, we source our bread from two local bakeries based within Malvern and Worcester: Colston Bakeries and Peter Cooks Bread. Offering a wide variety of beautifully cooked loaves and pastries, you’ll be pressed to find better-tasting baked goods anywhere else!


Milk and Cream From Local Dairy Farms

Local dairy products

Whether you join us for a frothy cappuccino or a sticky toffee pudding with a dash of cream, when you buy our hot drinks and desserts, you’ll be enjoying fresh dairy products from Cotteswold Dairy. Cotteswold Dairy are a local independent family-run dairy that prioritises quality, responsible farming, sustainability and animal welfare. 

Every drop of their milk and cream comes from happy cows and we believe that you can taste the difference!


Meat and Poultry From Local Butchers

Local meat

To guarantee the finest, freshest meat, we use local Ledbury butchers, D.T. Waller and Sons.

Waller and Sons have been supplying meat for over 40 years and have built up a reputation for their high quality produce. From their sausages and steaks to their lamb shanks and chicken thighs, we know that by using Wallers, our customers will always be left satisfied.


Malvern Spring Water

Malvern Water

Last on our list is Holywell Malvern spring water. 

The Holywell is a significant spring in Malvern which holds historical importance as the origin of the first bottled water in the UK. 

Today, Holywell Spring Water remains one of the most popular bottled spring waters in Malvern, produced and sold by hand in the original, meticulously restored building constructed during the peak of the Victorian Water Cure’s popularity.


Visit The Mulberry Tree

Now that you’ve found out a bit more about some of the local products that we use in our restaurant, why not book a table? Start your day with a delicious breakfast or brunch or join us later in the day for dinner and dessert. All of our dishes prioritise seasonal ingredients so you’re guaranteed maximum flavour and freshness!